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Minamioguni-machi The perennially popular Kurokawa Hot Springs and the feel of a rustic mountain village

The open air baths offer a special pass allowing visitors to enter any spa they like for a single price.

Even if the name of Minamioguni-machi is not well known, everyone is familiar with the Kurokawa Hot Springs. But these hot springs, which have maintained their popularity over the years, as well as unique open-air baths at each Japanese inn and the town's atmosphere that visitors find so appealing, can all be found in Minamioguni-machi. We recommend purchasing the single pass allowing you to visit three evocative open air baths at those inns. Many of the open air baths have distinctive features, such as a location in a stand of trees or riverbanks, or a rock construction. Use the pamphlet to select and enjoy the spa of your choice.

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Point2The nearby streets have an air of refinement.

In addition to the Kurokawa Hot Springs, both the less-known Oda Hot Springs and the Manganji Hot Springs have become popular spas where visitors can experience the rustic charm of a mountain village and high quality spring water.

Minamioguni is the place to go for soba noodles, as there are many soba shops along the Soba Gaido (Route). The area is dotted with shops, including old converted farmhouses and popular dining establishments that have a more luxurious air and offer confections in a set menu. Minamioguni-machi's other attractions include the Yamanami Highway, which is popular for drives, and the surprisingly unknown trek down to the gorge from the grassy plain on the northern side of the outer ring of mountains.

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